Veranda Fine Homes
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8100 Lomo Alto Drive
Suite 228
Dallas, Texas 75225

VFH Portal – Navigation

Once you have logged in to Veranda Fine Homes’ customer portal you will be taken to the home screen.  From here you have many options and can track the progress of your new home.


Below are some of the key items which can be found on your home screen.

  1. Main Menu Bar – in black
    -Dashboard – Homescreen
    -Messages – Messages sent between you and Veranda
    -Tasks – Any outstanding tasks on your project
    -Schedule – Monitor your project’s schedule
    -Documents – Any documents or pictures that have been uploaded to portal
    -Budget – Project Budget
    -Selections – Color selections for your project ie. paint, tile, carpet, etc.
    -Change Orders – Monitor change orders for your project
    -Financial – Monitor draw requests for your project
    -Service – Here you can enter service/warranty requests on your project
  2. Percent Complete – this gives a rough estimate in regard to your home’s progress against the proposed schedule.  Keep in mind, there are many factors that can affect a construction schedule and this should only be used as a reference.
  3. Contract Balance – Remaining balance due on project.  This number is made up of the original budget, plus any approved change orders, less any draw requests that have been paid to date
  4. Current Contract – This number includes the original budget plus any approved change orders
  5. Pictures – Any pictures that have been taken of your project will be posted here
  6. Project Notifications – Shows what is on schedule for today, any alerts, any calendar notifications.
  7. Pending CO’s – Pending CO’s are change orders that have been priced and are ready for your approval.  You can approve or reject change orders on Veranda’s customer portal.
  8. Weather – Current weather at your homes location
  9. Map – Shows project location


It is hard to believe that nearly 10 years has passed since starting Veranda Fine Homes. We are so thankful for the support we have received from customers and our trade partners. It is because of your hard work and dedication that Veranda Fine Homes has been able to thrive.

We look forward for what is to come in the future. As we near the 10 year mark we are dedicated to continuously raising the bar. We are excited to be introducing new standard features in each our our homes to not only improve the quality of life of our customers, but also offer them the latest in technology and energy efficiencies.

As always, it is our relationships that come first and we are committed to delivering not only a quality home, but also unparalleled levels of customer service.

We would love for you to consider Veranda Fine Homes for your next home. We look forward to meeting with you and guiding you through the new home build process.

Thanks again for your support. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Kyle Belew