Veranda Fine Homes
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8100 Lomo Alto Drive
Suite 228
Dallas, Texas 75225


Amherst Gallery

Amherst 1st floor

CLICK HERE to see Floorplan and Survey Plat for this home.

Amherst Courtyard

Exterior Colors

The stucco on this house is a three coat true masonry product with integral coloring on the final application. Main stucco color is Lunar #FS64 FT-Tone (Fine Texture)

The Cast Stone is Buff.

The exterior paint is a Sherwinn Williams – #SW7026 Griffin.

The exterior stain is also Sherwinn Williams – #SW3524 Chestnut (Semi-transparent)

Amherst Master Bedroom

Interior Colors

The walls and ceilings are Sherwinn Williams Etheral Mood #SW7639

The trim is Sherwinn Williams Jogging Path #SW7638


Kitchen Tile

The kitchen backsplash is 2×4 Seagrass and 6×6 seagrass with 2×12 Treccia Pewter (Medici) tiles.

All were sourced from AZ Tile in Dallas, Texas.


Kitchen Countertops

The countertops in the kitchen are Mombasa granite. Jura grey limestone was also used in game room, baths and laundry room.

hand scraped

Wood Floors

These were 3 1/4″ wide solid #1 red oak nail down wood floors. There is a light hand scrape with the grain. The color was a mixture of ebony and antique brown – Duraseal stain.

The wood’s grain and the inherent color effects the final floor color. Most of the time we are around 50/50 or 60/40 antique brown to ebony.

The finish coat is an oil based finish.


It is hard to believe that nearly 10 years has passed since starting Veranda Fine Homes. We are so thankful for the support we have received from customers and our trade partners. It is because of your hard work and dedication that Veranda Fine Homes has been able to thrive.

We look forward for what is to come in the future. As we near the 10 year mark we are dedicated to continuously raising the bar. We are excited to be introducing new standard features in each our our homes to not only improve the quality of life of our customers, but also offer them the latest in technology and energy efficiencies.

As always, it is our relationships that come first and we are committed to delivering not only a quality home, but also unparalleled levels of customer service.

We would love for you to consider Veranda Fine Homes for your next home. We look forward to meeting with you and guiding you through the new home build process.

Thanks again for your support. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Kyle Belew